Introducing Creative Class Contract

Why subject your freelancing career to all manner of mayhem, when all you need is a simple, customized contract to prevent 98.8% of client nightmares?

How would you like a document that will save you from:

  • Requests for refunds that destroy your cash flow for the month
  • Threats of lawsuits
  • Actual lawsuits
  • Scope creep
  • A former client telling everyone they know that you are the devil himself/herself

Client nightmares are disruptive, and often totally preventable. This is why I have joined forces with Rodgers Collective (a whip-smart group of lawyers who have been helping freelancers for 5+ years) to create said piece of paper and make your life and your freelancing career easy breezy.

Introducing: Creative Class Contract.

Creative Class Contract is a client service agreement drafted specifically for freelancers like yourself to use with their clients. It provides important protection from legal liability and lawsuits, and it prevents disputes over things like: who owns the material you create, whether you have to give a refund, and whether you did the work you promised to do. Perhaps most importantly, Creative Class Contract helps you get paid on time, all the time.

Creative Class Contract is a lovely addition to the Creative Class family. It is designed to memorialize the terms of your relationships with your clients and prevent miscommunication, scope creep, and other bad things from happening.

With Creative Class Contract you will sleep well at night knowing that your agreement with your clients covers things like:

1. Exactly what service + deliverable your client is getting from you.

Client confusion about exactly what they are getting when they hire you is the #1 reason that freelancers suffer from ulcers. Just kidding, that’s totally not true. However, it is one of the top reasons that clients become disgruntled. And, disgruntled clients are no fun (especially when they demand refunds or start hiring lawyers). We want your clients to be very gruntled; ecstatic even, about the work that you’ve done for them. The Creative Class Contract will ensure that you and your clients are on the same page (pun intended) and are crystal clear about exactly what they are purchasing from you.

2. How and when you will get paid.

Studies show that getting paid is a very important part of being a successful freelancer, hence in Creative Class Contract we’ve given you all the language you need to ensure that you get paid the way you want to get paid and when you want to get paid. Whether you are paid on an hourly basis, according to a project fee, or on retainer, Creative Class Contract has the language you need to motivate your clients to pay on time. Late payments be gone! Oh, and working for free will become a thing of your past. Creative Class Contract addresses under exactly what limited circumstances you will (and you won’t) issue refunds and gives you the legal chutzpah required to confirm that your payment terms are respected.

3. Putting a stop to scope creep.

Everything’s all smiles and giggles until your client’s project is suddenly three times the size that they originally hired you for. Which would be fine if they were also willing to pay you three times the price (which, of course, they are not). This is why Creative Class Contract comes locked and loaded with all the language you need to set clear terms and parameters around the scope of client projects. With Creative Class Contract, you will get paid for all of the additional requests your client makes seamlessly and without making your client feel icky.

4. All in a simple, customizable package.

Not only will Creative Class Contract communicate all of the things your clients need to know (and agree to), it does so in a non-scary way that is easy to align with your brand. With cut and paste options, Creative Class Contract makes it easy to create a custom contract that establishes your chosen policies to protect your freelancing business and your relationships with your clients. Not only that, but Creative Class Contract is written in plain English and is as simple as a legal contract can get without removing the legal protection your business needs.

Legal stuff is hard. Contracts are boring. Roses are red, violets are blue. We get it. But, Creative Class Contract is different because it’s meant to save you time and money in your freelance business.

We’ve put together a package that will help you put your contract into use lickety-split. When you purchase Creative Class Contract, here’s what you get:

  • The Contract. A beautiful MS Word version of the Creative Class Contract template that you can easily re-brand to match your business (although it looks so good, you might want to leave it as-is). This contract was developed with the insights of Paul Jarvis’ 20 year career as a freelancer and Rachel Rodgers’ 5+ years of experience solving (and preventing) legal problems for freelancers like yourself. Paul and Rachel worked together to create a contract that is simple, customizable and protects you from all of the common yet totally preventable nightmare client situations that freelancers experience.
  • Written Instructions. Creative Class Contract comes with written instructions that are simple and easy to understand. They even include visual cues to make it really easy to follow. The instructions also come with tips and insights from us to help guide you in finding the right answer to questions like “what should my refund policy look like?” With these beautiful– at times hilarious– and super straightforward instructions, you will be able to tailor the contract to your specific needs immediately.
  • Best Practices Instructional Videos. In these quick and engaging videos, Rachel shares her best tips for using Creative Class Contract in your freelancing business. After watching these videos you will have a better understanding of how Creative Class Contract can save you time and money in your freelancing business and how to make it really easy to make sure all of your clients sign your client agreement every single time.
  • Peace of Mind. The Creative Class Contract isn’t just for governing complaints from unreasonable clients. This powerful piece of paper also exists to inform your clients at the get-go of how your engagement will proceed, and what they should expect from the relationship. By having your own customized contract in place, your client has peace of mind in knowing when, how, and at what cost you will perform your services and deliver your product. Likewise, you have peace of mind knowing that you have a legal document to lean on if their payment is late, or you make a mistake, or a hacker crashes their site. Result: both you and your clients sleep better at night.


Will this contract be valid in the country I live in?

You’re damn skippy! Most laws in the US are quite similar from state to state, and are often based on model statutes that are adopted by almost every state, which kind of makes sense because otherwise, resolving disputes could get mad complicated. If you’re outside the US, but in a common law country, like Canada, Australia or the UK, the template should also be in line with your country’s contract laws. These days “freedom of contract” reigns in the Western world, so it’s difficult to run afoul of basic contract law, unless you get crazy with some provisions (which we, of course, have not).

Can’t I just use a statement of work?

No, you can’t, and don’t even joke about that. A Statement of Work is not a substitute for a contract and leaves out many, many important details. Relying on a Statement of Work alone leaves you open to liability and can be very costly. We could tell you a story or two about that…

I don’t want to scare clients away with a legal contract

No, what you don’t have time to do is deal with hot messes brought on by clients who ask you a g’billion times to go through your fee, expand the services they want you to perform at random, ask for 42 extra rounds of edits/revisions, and then demand a refund because they thought the final product would be “you know, just a little different, somehow.” Getting a Creative Class Contract signed with every client will help you put an end to all this time-wasting nonsense not add to it. It’s simple math: contract > no contract.

What if I don’t understand how to use the contract?

We know that contract language is not only nap-inducing but can be really tough to decipher (for those of you wise enough to pursue cool careers outside of the law). So, we’re giving you super clear, easy to understand instructions to walk you through every step of the contract, and a few lovely videos with Paul and Rachel to put it all in context. With this support, getting the contract to work for you will be no problem.

Our Guarantee

We do not offer refunds for digital products once they are downloaded or once access to the Rodgers Collective Membership Site has been granted. However, your satisfaction is our #1 priority, email us at to let us know why you’re unsatisfied and we will jump through flaming hoops to meet your needs (unless you are one of those curmudgeonly people who just can’t be satisfied even with flaming hoops, if you’re one of those then you’re on your own).


Creative Class is not a law firm. If you need legal advice, you should hire an attorney. This contract is sold through Rodgers Collective and does not create an Attorney-Client relationship with them.