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Clients. Pricing. Landing projects. Getting paid. Managing revisions (endless revisions). Finding clients and connecting with them in a way that feels right for you. If you’re like most freelancers, it’s the business stuff that keeps you awake at night, not the actual writing, programming or designing. That’s where the Creative Class comes in.

We’ve helped over 2,400 freelancers learn how to run their freelance businesses better and we’d love to have the chance to help you as well.

Our ideas and work have been featured on:

Our ideas and work have been featured on...

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Take your freelancing career to the next level.

There are two ways that most folks freelance:

Typical freelancers

  • Bill hourly
  • Let the client dictate every aspect of the work
  • Has no set processes for projects
  • Waits for leads to show up
  • Stresses out or burns out quickly

PRO freelancers

  • Bill on project-based deliverables
  • Shape feedback to be beneficial
  • Put processes and systems into place
  • Continually connects with clients
  • Builds a long-lasting career

The goal of Creative Class is to help you become a PRO freelancer. Why? Because you won’t magically start enjoying your freelance work unless you make some changes and adopt the PRO freelancer mentality to doing business.

Since 2014, Creative Class has helped 2,400+ students:

“Your Creative Class is still, by far, the best educational investment I’ve made in my business. Ever.” Jamie Leigh

“Despite doing two creative degrees, I learned very little about business. This class should be a mandatory part of creative curricula!” Joe Pacal

“I literally started from scratch with freelancing and doubled my revenue goal in the first year.” Ryan Clover

“Through the Creative Class I’ve increased my income by 250% in eight months.” Michael Suen

“This is the most structured and useful content that you’re going to get for the price, and you’re going to get that investment back right away.” Melani Dizon

“Creative Class is by far the best money I’ve ever spent on an online class—six months in and I’m booked four months in advance.” Erica Houston

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What’s included in Creative Class? The class includes instant and lifetime access to all the materials—so even if the class is closed, you’ve still got access to everything.

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Created by experienced freelancers.

Creative Class was founded by Paul. He went from a college dropout to creating a job for himself in the 1990s that’s been more stable than any corporate career. He’s worked with some of the biggest entrepreneurs and companies in the world like Danielle Laporte, Microsoft, Yahoo, Mercedes-Benz, Marie Forleo, Steve Nash, and Warner Music.
Kaleigh Moore started freelance writing back in 2013. Since then, she’s worked with clients like AT&T, BigCommerce, and AWeber. She took the Creative Class back in 2014, and it totally changed her freelance business. Since taking the class, she only takes on projects she likes with clients she admires, and has increased her annual revenue by 50% year over year since then.

In 2022, Creative Class was taken over by Elise Dopson and Michael Keenan—the founders of Peak Freelance.

Elise Dopson is a freelance writer for leading B2B companies. She took the Creative Class back in 2017 which transformed her business. She was earning six-figures yearly by the age of 21, working with leading marketing, sales, and tech brands.
Michael Keenan is a freelance marketer for SaaS companies. He’s worked with leading SaaS companies, helping them increase search traffic from their content. It took him “forever” to earn his worth—and is now on a quest to help other freelancers demand theirs.

This program isn’t secondhand or theoretic knowledge, it’s based on our first-hand expertise running businesses that we love for 25 years. Our clients have included Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, LifeHacker, CopyHackers, KissMetrics, Fast Company, Smashing Magazine and Newsweek.

Buy Creative Class right now and get instant access to the lessons:

Take your freelancing career to the next level.