How Creative Class helped a freelancer double his income

Brendan Hufford is a freelancer and consultant who helps his SEO clients get more leads, customers, and clients from Google.

Before freelancing, Brendan was an entrepreneur. For several years he’d been running a jiu jitsu apparel company, but he didn’t find it very fulfilling. Deciding to quit his own company was hard–and scary, since he didn’t know how to build up a new client base.

The question of “How do I get more clients?” is what drove Brendan to Creative Class in the first place.

Brendan said three specific parts of the course had a huge impact on him:

  1. Positioning: He learned quickly that photographers were his people, as they were a client base that could afford to pay him, and also one that he knew bought courses and other info products. Using that knowledge to his advantage, he positioned himself as the “go-to expert” of that industry.
  2. Pricing: Creative Class helped Brendan focus on deliverables and value rather than hours. Instead of charging hourly rates, he now thinks about the overall value of his work and charges accordingly.
  3. Follow Up: Brendan describes following up as a superpower he now has, thanks to Creative Class: He has landed several projects just from following up with people after a verbal commitment that might’ve been forgotten.

These lessons have helped Brendan raise his minimum project fee from $500/month to $2000/month.

Since taking the class, Brendan is also more selective of his clients and realizes the worth of working with people who appreciate him (rather than accepting any client who comes his way.)

In 2018, Brendan is making 3X his former salary.

To summarize, Brendan:

Creative Class reopens for new students in Spring 2023:

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