How Creative Class helped a freelancer already 6 years into his career

Chris Hufnagel had been freelancing for about six years—helping clients design, code, and optimize their websites.

But even with those six years of freelancing experience, Chris was looking for advice. Knowing there are always new methods to improve what you’re doing, he was hoping to turn his freelancing process into something a bit more professional and structured.

“I needed to fine-tune my process, and since I was self-taught, I had no idea where to start.”

That’s where Creative Class came in.

From building out more professional processes with clients to perfecting his pricing structure, Chris took the lessons in the course and was able to step up his freelance operation.

One piece of the course that had a huge impact on him–and his earnings–was the proposal template. He had been using one similar to the one included within the course, which was reassuring for him.

“Knowing this similar template was used by big names gave me confidence to raise my rates quite a bit,” he said.

But that’s not all. Learning that he wasn’t doing things totally different from the rest of the community was a big comfort and a confidence-booster, allowing him to feel more like a professional who deserved to raise his rates.

“I used to consider something a ‘big project’ if I earned $6,000 for it, but now I’ve got $10-25K jobs from clients who are willing to pay me what I’ve learned to be confident enough to ask for,” he said.

After finishing the Creative Class, Chris said, “I was suddenly more confident in what I was doing.” Since then, Chris has tripled his rates in just one month and is booked six months out. “Confidence does wonders,” he said.

To summarize, since taking the Creative Class, Chris is:

Creative Class reopens for new students in Spring 2023:

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