How Creative Class helped a freelancer land their first $18,000 client

Jason Quey is a freelancer who helps early-stage startups establish their growth strategy through content and search engine optimization.

Before freelancing, Jason worked for a few agencies and small marketing teams doing similar work. He knew how to do the work, but wanted to learn the actual running of a freelance business.

Jason turned to Creative Class so that he could really dial in his processes and systems, from qualifying clients, to onboarding them, to wrapping projects up. That way he could make more money and have more clients, all without having to work more hours.

Like some other freelancers (not all, of course), Jason also wanted to document how projects work so if he decided to hire more people and turn his freelancing business into an agency, then everything would be ready for someone new to join and immediately be able to know how things work.

From the start, Jason wanted to make sure he could quickly level up his business skills to the same level as his expertise. This is common with freelancers who start working for themselves, because they’ve spent most of their time honing their skillset, as someone else did the business work at a company. That’s why Creative Class is offered—to be a quick and straight-forward way to get your business level of expertise to match what you charge money for. That way, you can charge more money and spend less time doing it.

After taking Creative Class, Jason began to implement the lessons and built a competitive edge over his competition through:

The best part of Jason’s story was when Paul and Kaleigh (who run Creative Class) got an email from Jason:

“I used some of your advice from the course to land an $18K client, my biggest to date. If it goes well, should turn into another $18K in three months. Either way, $18K was more than enough to cover the cost of your course + couple others I bought to make this happen. So thanks to both of you!”

He’s also won the “Spokane’s best of 2019 for Internet Marketing” award!

Creative Class reopens for new students in Spring 2023:

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