Code of conduct

Participation in the Community is encouraged (our group is better off with you ideas, suggestions and input). Hop into the Community. I reserve the right to remove you from the Community if the rules are broken.

The rules are simple

  1. 1/ Treat people the way you’d like to be treated, regardless of their differences
  2. 2/ Don’t quote anyone outside of this group without asking (i.e. don’t post things on social media from here)
  3. 3/ Don’t post anything someone told you in confidence or in private messages
  4. 4/ Don’t pitch or promote your business to others, except in the connecting section
  5. 5/ Be yourself, unless you’re a super villain hell-bent on destroying the universe. Actually, even then, just be you
  6. 6/ If you believe someone is breaking the rules, don’t engage with them, contact me instead

This group is better off when