Why Creative Class? The results speak for themselves.

Since 2014, Creative Class has helped 2,300+ students:

  • Increase annual income by as much as 200-300%
  • Line up 3-6 months of freelance bookings in advance
  • Reach their $100K+ income goals
  • Reduce intake process time by 40%
  • Work 50% fewer hours while earning 40% more money
  • Increase client conversion rate from 30% to 75% with a 2+ month waiting list
  • Consistently earn 5 figures per month
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Erica Houston“Your course is by far the best money I've ever spent on a course—six months in and I'm booked four months in advance.” Erica Houston
Marko Pfann“I learned so much from this course. It completely changed my approach to client work and the processes around it. After taking it, I’m way more confident within my business and finally feel like I know what I’m doing.” Marko Pfann
Erika Couto“It was so much easier for me to pitch and convert clients after I’d done the coursework because it helped me really nail down my value proposition.” Erika Couto
Claire Suellentrop“I signed up for Creative Class at a time when I wanted to transition out of my job and get into full-time freelancing. I did the work, and within 2-3 months, I was able to quit my job. It helped me set myself up for a successful switch.” Claire Suellentrop

Creative Class has been featured all over the interwebs:

Unsure? Check out the course curriculum here.


Things that cost about the same as Creative Class (but won’t produce results for your business)

  • 11 packs of toilet paper
  • 42 Starbucks lattes
  • 2 pairs of Nike shoes
  • 12 bottles of salon-grade shampoo
  • ONE TRIP TO TARGET (amirite?)