Creative Class, a podcast for freelancers.

Each season is 12 short(ish) episodes where Kaleigh Moore and Paul Jarvis talk about all things related to the business of freelancing.

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Ep. 024

Special episode: Student mailbag Q&A

Kaleigh and Paul tackle questions from Creative Class students in this special “mailbag” edition. Plus: They ask each other one burning question at the end of this episode.

Ep. 023

As a freelancer, should I use “We” or “I” when referencing my work?

Ah, the never-ending debate around using your name vs. a brand name as a freelancer. Paul and Kaleigh share their experiences trying both approaches and what they learned works best within their businesses.

Ep. 022

How to formulate a value proposition (and stop doing hourly freelance work)

Kaleigh and Paul explain how you can formulate a value proposition that gets you off the hamster wheel of hourly freelance work, as well as tips for positioning that get you paid for your expertise–not your time.

Ep. 021

How to be a more productive freelancer

When you’re a freelancer, money = time. Productivity is essential. Learn some actionable advice around how to make your days more productive so you can earn more AND have more free time.

Ep. 020

The realities of freelancing (and luck vs. talent)

Inspired by a Twitter thread, this episode takes a deep dive into the realities of freelancing and looks at how both luck and talent impact the freelance journey in a major way.

Ep. 019

Why learning new skills is important for freelancers

We don’t all start with the full set of skills needed to be a fantastic freelancer. In this episode, Kaleigh and Paul discuss the skills they had when they started freelancing, and the skills they’ve made sure to pick up and strengthen along the way that have helped them grow profitable, long-term businesses.

Ep. 018

How to start getting freelance clients when you have no track record

If you’re starting a freelance career from scratch…where do you go to find your very first clients? Paul and Kaleigh lay out a strategy for finding and getting hired by ideal clients–all without having to go through a single freelancer-for-hire platform.

Ep. 017

How freelancers can overcome Imposter Syndrome and build confidence

Many freelancers struggle to feel confident about their skills and battle recurring Imposter Syndrome–but there is a secret to overcoming those feelings of self-doubt. Kaleigh and Paul discuss how ongoing learning, developing personal taste, and soft skills can all help freelancers become more confident in their daily work.

Ep. 016

Costs vs. benefits: Hiring extra help as a freelancer

Freelancers, as teams of one, sometimes need support. But the question is: Do you hire a subcontractor, or an employee? And what are the costs vs. benefits of the two? Paul and Kaleigh share their experiences on the topic and talk about why it’s important to figure out which is best for you now–before you desperately need the help.

Ep. 015

Productizing freelance services to make more money in less time

If you have specific services you offer on a regular basis (and solid processes in place around that work), you may be on the path to productizing some of your services. Hear some actionable ideas around how you can start re-packaging your services to make more money in less time.

Ep. 014

How to work with enterprise-level companies as a freelancer

Enterprise clients are the ones with names you can mention to a friend and they’ll say, “Oh, I’ve heard of them!” In this episode, Paul and Kaleigh talk about the pros and cons of working with enterprise-level companies and how doing so has helped boosted authority and ethos within both of their freelance careers.

Ep. 013

How much should you save and invest as a freelancer?

As a freelancer, the responsibility to save money and invest for retirement falls 100% on you–there’s no one around to remind you to do it. So how do you know how much to set aside for these activities? Kaleigh and Paul share the strategies they use for both investing and saving and explain how the approaches have helped provide a level of financial security.

Ep. 011

What’s it like to be a female freelancer?

Kaleigh shares her first-hand insights on being a female freelancer and some of the realities that come along with it. This episode is a conversation about how different industries have room to improve their diversity efforts and what Kaleigh and Paul are doing to help make change happen.

Ep. 010

Easy ways to increase your freelance rates

Everyone wants to know the right way to raise their rates and charge more for freelance services, right? Kaleigh and Paul share their strategies that have helped them successfully (and regularly) increase their rates to build sustainable freelance careers.

Ep. 009

3 key lessons on handling feedback as a freelancer

Feedback is a core element of collaborative projects—which is what most creative freelancers work on. But how do you separate yourself from the work and handle feedback effectively? And how can you teach clients to deliver constructive feedback? Paul and Kaleigh dive into this very important lesson and share their answers to these questions.

Ep. 008

Contracts and scope creep: What you need to know

Scope creep is a major problem in the freelance world. So how can you avoid it? Paul and Kaleigh talk about how contracts create healthy boundaries and keep projects on track.

Ep. 007

What do you need to know when you’re starting freelancing?

Can you say ‘no’ to work? Is it ever okay to fire a client? In this episode, Paul and Kaleigh share their answers to these questions and talk about the things they wish they’d known when they started freelancing.

Ep. 006

How to network and make freelance friends

Paul and Kaleigh aren’t into slimy networking…but they do like making new friends. Find out how they’re deliberate about staying connected with others (from home!) and how these activities actually make freelancing more sustainable.

Ep. 005

Growth and freelancing: Do you need employees?

In a society that generally associates growth and positivity, freelancers can feel confused about where their future-facing goals need to be focused. Kaleigh and Paul talk about growth, hiring employees, and figuring out what you truly want out of your freelance career.

Ep. 004

The one rule you need to follow to win at freelancing

If there’s one rule every freelancer needs to follow, it’s this one. Find out why Paul and Kaleigh swear by this principle and how it’s helped them grow successful freelance businesses.

Ep. 003

How to balance your budget as a freelancer

Freelancers sometimes struggle with the fact that their income isn’t consistent on a month-to-month basis. So what can you do about it? Kaleigh and Paul talk about what they’ve learned about budgeting, spending, and planning so that the financial ups and downs of freelance work aren’t so painful.

Ep. 002

How to find out if you’re right for freelancing

Not everyone is cut out to freelance—and that’s okay. In this episode, Paul and Kaleigh talk about the factors to consider when you’re thinking about freelancing as well as some of the characteristics and qualities that help people be successful freelancers.

Ep. 001

Should freelancers ever work for free?

Especially when you’re getting started with freelancing, there are opportunities to work for free (or in exchange for “exposure”). Paul and Kaleigh discuss the question and share their own experiences/thoughts on the topic.
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